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S800M-B 80mm F800mm f/10 ED Refractor
ED Refractor - Your Best Choice for Solar and Planet Observation


* Advanced 2-element objective lens system minimizes color aberration
* Fully multi-coated optics ensures utmost light transmission
* Finely CNC machining aluminum body and focuser
* Deluxe high-glossy anodizing finish
* Retractable sunshade
* Accept all 1.25” universal telescope eyepieces

Optical design: Refractor
Aperture: 80mm
Focal Length: 800mm
Focal Ratio : f/10
Lens: Doublet, ED APO S-FPL53 & Lanthanuma Lenses, 
Fully Multi-Coated
Attachments: 2“ Crayford Focuser, Dual Speed, 2"-1.25" Brass Compressing Adapter, Aluminum Carry Case 

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